Polar Solar is the premier high-end solar panel system & installation provider serving Los Angeles and Southern California. Our award winning technology dominates the solar industry in performance and safety features giving home & business owners the highest return on their investment. Each system is designed and meticulously crafted to address the imperfections associated with current solar technology providing maximum energy production and longevity for generations.

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Not all systems are created equal. The majority of mass produced commercial solar panels use cheaper materials which are prone to fire and drastically decrease energy production after the first year of installation. Polar Solar uses a patented, zero degradation all glass N-Type bi-facial panel that produces up to 20% more power than conventional panels. Our high performance panels produce the most energy per square foot on the home’s roof-top than any competitor. With more power available, owners benefit from greater electricity production for a faster return on their investment.



zero degradation

Our ultra thin all glass Bi-Facial panels are free from degradable materials and bulky framing. With our innovative design our panels produce 20% more than the leading competitor, look great and last a lifetime. 



high performance

  • Frame-less Self Cleaning N-Type Panel

  • Bi-Facial Design - 20% More energy production 

  • ROI Advantage

  • Class A Fire Rating - All Glass Panel

  • Longest Warranty

  • Zero Degradation








why solar power?

Solar energy is, by far, the most efficient and effective option available today. The Sun is the most abundant energy source providing enough energy in 15 minutes to power the world for an entire year. The prospect of energy independence has influenced many of the worlds largest corporations to make the switch. By switching to renewable energy businesses and homeowners alike can remove themselves from the fluctuating fossil fuel market. You can immediately cut your electricity bill, insulate yourself from rising energy costs, and increase your home or building’s value. 



  • Fixed or eliminated utility costs

  • Immunity from fluctuating energy economy.

  • Predictable energy spending for decades


  • Up to 30% increase in property value

  • Higher resale rates

  • Tax credits available 



  • Zero Carbon Emissions

  • Unlimited Energy Supply

  • Positive eniviromental impact

the polar solar experience

With our breakthrough advancement of solar technology and our patented process our Polar Solar system delivers the highest energy returns for our customers maximizing their savings and securing energy independence all while adding value and aesthetic to your home.

  • Best Warranty & Safety Rating in the Industry
  • Highest Quality Panels & Energy Production
  • Fast, Clean and Detailed Installation
  • Financing & Grant Options
  • 24/7 Customer Support

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