Our experienced technicians provide clean installation and attention to detail. Our process allows streamlined and aesthetically pleasing integration onto your home.



Our Installation utilizes painstaking attention to detail and aesthetic enhancement using our tested racking method to ensure maximum energy production all while eliminating the appearance of wires, so your home looks as good as your checkbook.



Our installation technicians and supervisors are NABCEP certified, which is the industry's highest certification. A dedicated project manager will be assigned to your home to ensure that the entire process runs smoothly making certain you are properly connected to the grid through your local utility provider.


Once the plans are approved and processed, our experts will:

  1. Verify roof dimensions and mark outline of panel placement.
  2. Place support feet below the tiles/shingles and create water tight seal.
  3. Attach racking to the feet.
  4. Mount solar panels on racking.
  5. Mount inverter next to main electrical panel.
  6. Run a conduit from roof to main electrical panel and put in a main circuit breaker.
  7. Check system voltages to make sure they are within the correct tolerances.
  8. Switch on system and test system.